Women's Ministry Leadership

Heather Blass, Director of Women


Ceres Women’s Ministry is a place where you are valued as a unique child of God, encouraged toward greater intimacy with Jesus, and challenged to explore your purpose in the body of Christ.

Our mission is to love, encourage and lead women in deepening their relationship with Jesus by connecting with each other and studying the Word of God together.

Women's Groups

We have Small Group Bible Studies that meet throughout the year. To find an available group, please click here. You will want to click at the top right corner “List View” and scroll all the way down to see groups labeled as “Women – leader name” to find a Women’s Bible Study Small Group.

Women's Bible Studies

SEP 15 - NOV 3

Don’t miss out on studying with us this fall! All Women’s groups will be studying this together, and we cannot wait!

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Bible Studies

Paul’s last letter to Timothy was a powerful mandate to share the gospel. Join us for four sessions with Kelly Cook, BSF Teaching Leader and BVG Elder’s wife, this summer as we dive into 2 Timothy and think about ways to come alongside of people, listen to their story, and help them to think about spiritual things. Come learn along with us as we are challenged to live out 2 Timothy 2:24 – to be kind to everyone, be able to teach, and to be patient with difficult people for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Select a Resource Below:

Daily Meditation Binder Pages PDF for print

What does it mean to be a Christian in our culture today?  For some people, it is a characteristic that defines the very core of who they are.  Sadly for others, it is merely one of many adjectives used to describe them, and can easily be dropped depending upon the political climate or social circles they are in at the time.  The first time the name “Christian” was used was in Acts 11:26.  The Greeks in Antioch did not know what to call the Apostles and their followers, so they gave them the name “Christian” which meant “of the party of Christ”.  Jesus, however, never referred to His followers by that name.  Instead, Jesus called His Apostles and His followers by the title “disciple.”  A disciple is simply one who is a student of a specific teacher and follows their teachings and doctrines.   To be a true follower of Jesus, you must follow the teachings of Jesus, but you can’t follow them until you understand who Jesus is and what He stood for.




Resources Below:

The Gospel Of John Complete Study (Intro through Week 21)

The Gospel Of John Study Week 1 (with intro)

The Gospel Of John Study Week 2

The Gospel Of John Study Week 3

The Gospel Of John Study Week 4

The Gospel Of John Study Week 5

The Gospel Of John Study Week 6

The Gospel Of John Study Week 7

The Gospel Of John Study Week 8

The Gospel Of John Study Week 9 & 10

The Gospel Of John Study Week 11

The Gospel Of John Study Week 12

The Gospel Of John Study Week 13

The Gospel Of John Study Week 14

The Gospel Of John Study Week 15

The Gospel Of John Study Week 16

The Gospel Of John Study Week 17

The Gospel Of John Study Week 18

The Gospel Of John Study Week 19

The Gospel Of John Study Week 20

The Gospel Of John Study Week 21


The book of Colossians was written by the apostle Paul many years ago, but still relevant today!  The first century Colossians struggled with letting cultural norms creep into and distort foundational truths of Jesus’ identity and Christianity. Join us this summer as we dig into Paul’s letter to the Colossians.  You will discover Christ’s sufficiency and His true glory, while learning basic foundational truths of the faith. You will be challenged to live a new life, one that is rooted in Christ alone.


Resources Below:


Colossians Full Study

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7




We live in a culture that is skeptical of anything free, yet God tells us there are no strings attached, just come and delight in His abundance. We are invited to God’s banquet table at no cost. Let’s be women who respond to God’s gracious invitation, knowing it is only in Him that our desire for abundance can truly be satisfied!


Friday Evening Session

Julie Westfall  ::  Abundance Lecture 1



Saturday Evening Session

Julie Westfall  ::  Abundance Lecture 2



Heather Blass

Breakout Session  ::  Leading Where You Are




Gretchen Miller

Breakout Session  ::  Abundant Time With The Lord




Suzi Miller

Breakout Session  ::  Story Teller




Dorothy Skiles

Breakout Session  ::  Abundance In The Valleys




Deby Turnrose

Breakout Session  ::  Abundantly Creative




Carisah Lee

Breakout Session  ::  Social Media