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Rich Sasser, Pastor of Missions



And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

MATTHEW 28:19-20

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

Big Valley Grace is a church that believes in actively reaching people in Modesto and the surrounding communities with the love of Jesus through compassion efforts, sharing the gospel, training church leaders and multiplying churches.

Advancing Vibrant Communities, Inc. was formed by a pastor and business leaders with a burning vision to see the church and faith-based organizations meet the needs and heal the hurts that are crying out for help in each of our communities. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

The Chemo Crew’s mission is to offer hope and help to cancer patients and their families.  “Hope” to let them know that they are not alone; there are survivors in our community that would love to offer support to them, and “Help” by offering one-on-one support through the Chemo Kit as well as helping connect them with the many resources that are in our community. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Child Evangelism Fellowship is a Bible-centered organization composed of born-again believers whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living.


Christian Berets Inc. was founded in 1970 by Don Crooker as a non-denominational, non-profit ministry to people with special needs. At that time, there were few non-profits that focused on serving the disabled.


City Ministry Network (CMN) strives to be a catalyst in inspiring, connecting and mobilizing people toward good work in the transformation of Modesto’s neighborhoods. CMN aims to strengthen faith-based community development ministry approaches within our city. We do this by creating space for multi-sector leaders to connect through relations, learn, and grow in this ministry approach.


More than 20,000 people from India reside in the Central Valley, including many Sikhs, Hindus and Mu*lims. The passion of the India Community Ministry (ICM) is to befriend, help in practical ways and be Jesus to those of East Indian descent in our community. The ICM offers English classes, Bible studies, citizenship coaching, counseling and prayer for the sick.


India Community Ministry is a non-profit organization, that desires to show Christ’s love to the people of India especially to the Sikhs, Hindus, and Mu*lims in the Central Valley and across California. Often our outreach efforts take us to the market place. This allows us to reach out to people from the Indian community and develop ongoing relationships. Getting to know people on a personal level sets the stage to present the gospel to them by giving them the Jesus Film in their heart language, or sharing a gospel tract.


Through Home Bible Study Fellowship, we develop strong spiritual roots. For those who come to the Lord, we encourage them to follow through with baptism and church fellowship. We seek to provide help in times of need and develop reasonable friendships with our new neighbors. The India Friendship Center, which opened in June 2000 in downtown Turlock, and the market place are both key locations in realizing our vision. Without the help of local Christians who volunteer their time, we could not have these ministries.


Friendship is the bridge that will span the religious barriers and can be used to share the message of Christ with the people of other faiths. We extend friendship by providing the following activities at the Center:


English as a Second Language (ESL)
Immigration Help – helping our clientele fill out the application for their citizenship papers and offer assistance on how to pass the citizenship test.
Family matters – helping with family needs such as; family conflict and cross cultural issues.
Christian Literature -sharing the gospel with Christian materials and Bibles.
For more information contact us by phone (209) 261-0547 or send an e-mail: [email protected]


Love Modesto is helping to change the face and identity of our city while inspiring as many municipalities as possible toward: a renewed love for their city, community-wide volunteer days, ongoing volunteerism, collaboration among leaders and involvement with neighborhoods, schools and foster care/adoption. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Modesto Gospel Mission has been providing refuge, recovery and restoration in Stanislaus County for more than 65 years. Since 1948, Modesto Gospel Mission has provided nutritious meals, warm beds, and a place of safety for thousands of poor and homeless men, women, boys and girls. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

The vision of the Modesto Pregnancy Center (MPC) is to reach out to women and men in a crisis pregnancy with all the information needed to make an informed decision regarding their pregnancy. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Redwood Family Center provides a faith-based clean and sober living environment for women and women with children in order to equip themselves with the life skills necessary to become self-supporting members of society.  We envision a community where individuals seeking recovery and their families have the opportunity and services to live a drug-free and productive future. We are committed to providing recovery resources through collaborative relationships in the recovery community while the women and children at Redwood Family Center remain in a safe clean and sober living environment. The results are lives that are transformed and families that are reunited. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Located in West Modesto, Vine House is an outreach to drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes and the homeless. It offers a coffee house, Bible studies/discipleship for men and women, parenting classes, a Good News club for children and many collaborative community events.


Get Involved
Donate your skills (mechanical, plumbing, electrical, roofing and painting); donate coffee, hot cocoa, lemonade, sugar, creamer, toilet paper, napkins, paper plates, laundry and dish soap; serve at the Coffee House and participate in opportunities to serve and/or do specific needed projects or bring your creative talents and put them to use.


For the Holy Spirit to continue working in the hearts and lives of those who need Him most
For direction and wisdom in engaging the community

Located in West Modesto, Vine House is an outreach to drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes and the homeless. It offers a coffee house, Bible studies/discipleship for men and women, parenting classes, a Good News club for children and many collaborative community events.

Youth for Christ (YFC) works in a variety of ways to reach at-risk youth and their families. Through various programs including Mentoring, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Tapestry, Teen Moms, Campus Life and Family Concern Counseling, YFC helps youth discover, develop and maximize their God-given potential.


Get Involved
Volunteer with a YFC program; provide meals for Tapestry on Monday nights, mentoring a young person, help chaperon an event with our teen moms program, run a small group for one of our Point Break workshops, help with mailings in the office. Email Christie for more info. [email protected]


For faithfulness in helping our youth and families
For wisdom for leaders
For physical, spiritual, emotional, relational and mental protection over YFC kids in their daily lives

OUR MISSION is to glorify God by multiplying healthy churches among all the nations (Ethnos (plural): multitude or nations—peoples, tribes, languages) and bring the gospel to the unengaged, unreached and Bibleless people of the world; to ensure the success of ministry partners as they mobilize people to follow Christ. (Matthew 24:14)

Our Missionstream partners serve in the least reached regions – those areas where people have little or no access to a church or to the gospel in their own language, culture, and proximity, or where the gospel has not taken root. Missionstream evangelizes, disciples and establishes churches by using a mission force of local missionaries, evangelists and cross-cultural missionaries.


Get Involved: Because of sensitivity issues, contact Reach at [email protected] for information on how you can get involved.


Prayer Needs: Pray for Christian connections and to build relationships with influential leaders in important regions where Christians are persecuted; bold Christians to share their faith; government and educational leaders to permit Christian churches and learning centers in various areas.

Julie C serves with Competitive Edge International (CEI) to connect with the unreached throughout Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, by building relationships and sharing the good news of Jesus through sports. CEI assists long-term workers by providing short-term ministry teams, offering skills and expertise in sports through clinics and competition to nations desiring to develop sports. CEI’s “First Responders Sports Teams” provide disaster relief therapy through sports and trauma counseling.


Get Involved
Join CEI as a fastpitch softball coach, athlete or athletic trainer*


Share with others about CEI’s short-term (2-4-weeks) mission opportunities*
Support CEI financially*
Get updates on CEI Sports Ministry Teams at CEI Sports

Rocco and Karoline Panepinto serve with Kontaktmission in Jena, Germany, a city of great influence and center of the “God is dead” philosophy. More than 85% of Jena’s residents profess no belief in God. It is vital that the people of this intellectual city, including prominent scientists and researchers, are presented with Jesus and the difference He can make in their lives.


Get Involved
Study or pursue scientific research in Jena and contribute to the development of the local church; enroll in a German language course in Jena and interact with university students.


For open hearts among the people of Jena
Continued growth in the church and development of national leaders
For Rocco and Karoline as they reach out in practical ways to their Muslim friends and neighbors, many of whom are traumatized refugees


Big Valley Grace partners with teams to care for people and start churches among the people in Indonesia. Partners International  trains, sends and provides support for Indonesian workers who live among Muslim villages and cities in this region.


Get Involved
Travel to Indonesia on a short-term team to teach English to university students; sponsor students in the villages to cover schooling expenses. Contact Reach at [email protected] for more information.


For protection, safety, and opportunities for compassion/church-planting teams
Strength and faithfulness for new followers of Jesus
For literacy centers to bring holistic transformation to each community


Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) is part of a network passionately committed to holistic healing in the name of Jesus. God is using Community Health Evangelism (CHE) as the strategy to help church members to love their neighbors,  MAI provides tools to teams and individuals to reach out to those who have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ.


Get Involved
Due to sensitivity and safety issues, please contact Reach at [email protected] for information on how you can get involved with MAI.


For team building, planning direction and expansion for MAI
For peaceful and harmonious solutions to ongoing ethnic conflicts in the areas where MAI teams serve


Densely populated, underdeveloped districts of India live in bondage to spiritual and generational poverty. Mission India assists local Indian churches and indigenous mission agencies in church planting by utilizing three strategies: children’s Bible clubs, adult literacy classes and church planter training. Local believers are able to go where few Westerners can–to live and share Jesus with others. God is using teams to help transform families; improve health and income; improve literacy rates, and establish worshiping communities that multiply in neighboring towns and villages.


Get Involved
Because visibility raises the risk of persecution, short-term mission/work teams with our India partners are not possible; local Modesto area supporters we gather to encourage, learn and pray for Mission India.


Prayer Needs
For national workers who are called to unreached areas at considerable risk
Strength to persevere through persecution; for those wanting to learn to read, especially women, who are ridiculed or told they may not come
Persistence through the daily lessons as they begin reading stories about the God who created and loves them; courageous

Wade & Deanne Ebersole work in conjunction with Ethnos 360 to establish indigenous tribal churches in the Lavongai and Mengen tribes. Their vision is to help the people of the tribal churches grow in maturity through teaching, discipleship, literacy programs and Bible translation. Once equipped, tribal churches can carry the good news of Jesus beyond their own borders.


Get Involved
Pictures and information about the people of these villages are available through Reach. Contact Reach at [email protected]


For the Ebersoles as they minister to International Missionaries
For wisdom in Bible translation efforts and printing Bible books in various dialects and heart languages
For the hearts of those who are not Christ-followers to be open to God’s work

Todd and Sarah Hunnicutt serve in Slovenia with United World Mission (UWM). Their goal is to see lives and communities transformed through growing and reproducing churches. Slovenia has the 14th smallest evangelical population in the world and the highest rates for suicide, alcoholism and heroin use. Todd and Sarah employ many different strategies to equip and empower the Slovene Christian church, which consists of approximately 1,100 believers in 40 churches with few resources.


Get Involved
Join a short-term teams skilled in areas such as sports, teaching English, or prayer to work with churches and ministries.


For Slovene Christians to establish relationships with people who have not received the good news of Christ
Greater unity among churches and pastors
For new Christians to be on fire for God
For fresh hope and vision for Slovenia

Eric Raingruber works with Wycliffe Bible Translators as an animator. Their goal is to make the Bible available to those who don’t have it in their heart language, including the more than 400 completely unreached Deaf languages around the world. A big challenge in Deaf translation is the lack of key words found in scripture. Eric is creating Bible footnote animations that visually illustrate many of these difficult to translate passages and concepts. Amazingly, the same set of animations can be used with all 400+ languages!


PRAYER – For the Deaf to receive and understand the Gospel. That our team would work quickly in both translation and animation. That our overseas partners will be diligent in testing and giving feedback that this work may be effective.

Johan & Christa Combrink and Henry Mumba of AFnet are committed to training African pastors and church leaders, expanding the Christian faith through strategic church planting efforts, practically addressing the need for humanitarian aid across Africa, and meeting needs of children and families impacted by the AIDS-orphan crisis.


Get Involved
Join a short-term outreach team to South Africa; help sponsor orphans and the operation of the Ithemba La Bantwana Orphan Day Care Center in the village of Eersterust, South Africa; sponsor training of pastors and church planters.


For economic and political stability to enable AFnet to share Jesus unhindered
For AFnet staff to seek the Lord wholeheartedly as they serve the people of Africa
Wisdom and divine understanding as staff aligns for the task at hand

Keith and Lisa Campbell serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators, with the  vision is to see God’s Word made accessible to all people in the language that speaks to their hearts.

Keith serves as a physician at the Wycliffe USA headquarters in Orlando, Florida, supporting the healthcare needs of missionaries. He assists in determining the health needs of assigned areas and establishing health guidelines for the Wycliffe members in those areas, as well as  providing healthcare for the Orlando Wycliffe support staff in the on-site medical clinic.


Get involved
Visit the Campbell ministry page and sign up to receive their monthly newsletter, The Campbell Connection


Prayer Needs
For Keith to be successful in assisting the missionaries in remaining healthy, both spiritually and physcially
Wycliffe to bear fruit in reaching the various Unreached People Groups of the world
For the Campbell family  to develop strong and meaningful relationships as they serve at Wycliffe

Eric and Heather serve in Germany with OC International at Black Forest Academy. BFA is a school for missionary children and home to students whose families serve and work in over 40 countries to advance the Gospel. The Kooimans desire to help raise up the next generation of Christ-followers through their investment in the lives of missionary kids. 


How you can be involved:

We need prayer warriors to consistently pray for the children attending the school and for the administration as they work alongside and teach missionary children.  Black Forest Academy is searching for teachers and staff to join their team. Visit the BFA webpage for more information BFA of Germany

If you would like to receive the Kooiman’s newsletter and keep up-to-date with the ministry at BFA, please email [email protected]


How to Pray

For Eric as he leads the Middle school as Principal

For the mission projects with unreached people groups that BFA supports by educating the children of missionaries

For new staff and teachers